The Role of the Parent

How You Can Help Your Student Succeed

We partner with both students and parents to facilitate achievement, such as with our Family Support Team. We strongly encourage parents to be involved in their child’s learning, whether the student is struggling to catch up, or already doing well.

School life can be complicated with many important things to balance every day, both for students and families. Insight School of Oklahoma makes it easier to plan coursework so that it can fit into your family’s real-world schedule, with breaks along the way as needed to accommodate non-school activities such as part-time work, sport or volunteer activities, family needs, etc.

Like a traditional full-time public school, Insight encourages students to develop responsibility for academic progress. That means there are assignments, due dates, and deadlines. While some of what we do is more flexible in terms of the times and the places students do their work, we also make sure that parents, teachers, and counselors are involved to help students progress through coursework in a timely manner.

We also recognize that as students enter the high school years, they often seek to become more independent. Our high school program is designed to support exploration of that independence, while still providing necessary guidance, support, and expertise for both parents and students.

Successful Insight Students Benefit from Regular Parent Involvement

Parental interest and involvement can play a key role in student success by supporting their studies, keeping informed of their progress, and encouraging them to stay on top of their work.

  • Parents are given their own login credentials so they can go online at any time and check on their student's grades, calendar, lesson, activities, etc.
  • Parents are provided access to up-to-date information about their student's progress throughout the semester via regular communication from the teacher and school.
  • A dedicated counselor also works with parents and students to foster success in the Insight online learning environment.
  • Both students and parents have access to our teachers and counselor so everyone can see progress, together.

What Parents Say About Insight

John, Insight School of California parent
"I have to keep reminding myself Insight is a public school, not a private school. The individualized attention Insight gives my son is more like what I'd expect from a private school."

Susan, Insight School of Oregon parent
"My daughter is blossoming at Insight Schools—she's much more self-assured than before. As a parent, I'm even learning to be more at home online!"

Beth, Insight School of Kansas parent
"If my son needs a little extra help with algebra, he can get it. No problem."

Cherith, Insight School of Colorado parent
"I was surprised to discover how much access I have to my son's teachers at Insight. I feel more connected to the progress he's making at Insight than at any other school."