Meet Our Team

Partner with Enthusiastic Educators

Our teachers, administrators, and staff share your passion for education and your enthusiasm for delivering education one-on-one in a focused environment. Insight School of Oklahoma's staff members are adept at managing this unique process, guiding and supporting students, and focusing on individual needs; they're there to partner with you in helping your children master their education objectives.

Meet our administrators.

Team Up with Experienced Teachers

Insight School of Oklahoma has a hand-picked staff of Oklahoma-certified teachers. They understand the challenges you face and are excellent resources to consult on all aspects of the virtual academy experience.

Meet our teachers.

Trust Our Student Support Staff to Partner with Your Student

As your student focuses on attaining – and working through – a growth mindset, as well as mastering grade level material, our Student Support Team is here to walk beside them every step of the way. There will be trials along the way for both you and your child. That is to be expected; it’s okay. Give yourself grace to have these struggles and know that not everything will go according to plan.

Meet our Student Support Team.