Michelle Scionti is the Director of Shared Services for both Insight School of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy. She has been working with the ISOK/OVCA teams and students since 2015 in a variety of roles. She started teaching in 2001 and has had the pleasure of serving many different students in her different teaching roles. She transitioned out of teaching to administration in 2013 and loves supporting the teachers and staff that have the direct impact on student academic learning and growth. She also has a heart for the social emotional well-being of all children, and loves being in a field that can create a positive and supportive climate for them. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, Communications and Spanish and a master's degree in Education. She loves that she gets to match her education and training to support all students every day.


Ginger Allison is the Student Support Programs Manager. She started with ISOK in 2020 after a 10-year career in education. She has held teaching positions in alternative education and within the Oklahoma CareerTech system before moving into administration in 2016. She has since served as leadership for schools that exclusively served special populations in Oklahoma City and led the state efforts in work-based learning for the state office of workforce development. She earned both her bachelor's in Business Management and master's in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Morgan Anglin is the Related Services Clerk. She started with K12 in 2013 as the Enrollment Coordinator and has also served as the Related Services Coordinator.

Rhonda Bellah has been part of the OVCA/ISOK team since July 2015. She currently serves as the Encumbrance Clerk for ISOK and Shared Services. She also handles immunization and transcript compliance for both ISOK and OVCA.

Anika Carr is the supervisor of school-based enrollment.

Traveno Carter is the ISOK Registrar.

Tina Crow is the Special Education Manager for ISOK. She started with K12 in 2012 and has spent over 25 years in education overall.  She earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Special Education from the University of Oklahoma.  Prior to coming to OVCA/ISOK, she was a dispute resolution coordinator for the Oklahoma State Department of Education and a classroom special education teacher.

Kerry Frank is the Transition Coordinator for both ISOK and OVCA. She grew up in the Greater St.Louis area and spent most of her youth around aerospace and engineering.

Angie Foust holds a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Newman University and a Master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology from Emporia State University. She has over 20 years of experience in education, having taught students ranging from grades 1–12 in three different states over the course of her career. She joined OVCA in 2009 as a teacher and moved into the high school principal position in 2011. Angie Foust transitioned into the Compliancy Coordinator position in January of 2015 and also serves as the Title IX Coordinator.

Lora Howell is the Related Services Coordinator. She began working for OVCA in 2015.  She supports the therapists and case managers in providing those related services.

Kim Lynam has been with OVCA and ISOK since 2014. She currently works as Testing Coordinator for both schools to ensure all state-mandated testing is conducted to ensure student growth and success.

Ryan McDonald is currently the School Data and Accountability Manager. He joined the team in September 2014, and has been both the Enrollment Coordinator/Office Manager and the Assistant Operations Manager during his time with the school. Ryan earned his BS in Psychology, with a Minor in Philosophy, from Oklahoma State University in December of 2009. Previously, Ryan collected workplace injury and illness data for the Oklahoma Dept. of Labor and also worked on the 2010 US Census.

Melissa Mphande is the Office Manager for OVCA and ISOK, having worked for the schools since 2018. She has a Bachelor's in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix. She taught in brick and mortar schools for a couple of years prior to joining OVCA and ISOK.

Chris Pitts is the Senior Manager of School Operations for OVCA and ISOK. He has spent 9 of 14 years in education with K12 schools, serving in roles including Learning Coach for his children that attended OVCA, History Teacher, and OVCA High School Principal. He has an Associate of Arts in History from the Oklahoma City Community College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Oklahoma, and a Master of Education degree in Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum from OU..

Danielle Shaw is the Special Education Compliancy Coordinator.

Lewis Starkey is an Operations Manager who joined OVCA and ISOK in 2020.

Jill Wallace Jill Wallace serves as the district 504 Coordinator for both OVCA and ISOK.  She has been with OVCA/ISOK since 2013 and has worked in the field of education for over 14 years.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education and a Master of Education degree in Guidance & Counseling from Northwestern Oklahoma State University. 

Holly Wyers is the Gifted and Talented Resource Coordinator and started with OVCA in 2010.  During her time at OVCA she has mainly taught journalism and English in the high school.  She earned a master’s degree in education in 2015 and completed a leadership certification program in 2018.

Katherine Young is the Senior Manager of Special Programs. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2007 with an Elementary Education degree. She has been in education since 2007 and with Oklahoma K12 schools since 2015. She started her teaching career in Ponca City as a 3rd grade teacher before moving to the elementary school Curriculum Specialist role. She was a kindergarten teacher at OVCA for two years, and the Title I Coordinator for one year.


Anelicia Brimacomb is an Academic Counselor. She started with ISOK in 2020 and has spent 9 years as a school counselor overall. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Northeastern State University, as well as a master's degree in school counseling from East Central University.

Jason Deskin is currently a Career Counselor who has been in education since 2011 and moved to ISOK in 2018. He received his degree in Agricultural Education from Oklahoma State University. He has been an Ag teacher and general education teacher.

Mona Earnest is an Engagement Specialist who came to ISOK in 2020. She has spent over 20 years in Education. She earned a master's degree in Human Resources from the University of San Francisco.

Brittany Eck is the Family and Student Resource Coordinator for ISOK Middle School and High School. Brittany worked for ISOK from 2014 to 2017 as the Family Resource Supervisor. She returned to ISOK/OVCA in July 2019, serving as a Community Family Advisor until February 2020. She then transitioned to the role of Engagement Specialist and eventually to her current role. Brittany has a bachelor's degree in Social Work from SWOSU and a master's degree in Social Work from OU. She is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, and previously worked for a private adoption and foster care agency and in community mental health.

Abigail McCalister is a Career Counselor who started with ISOK in 2020. She is thrilled to be able to help students achieve their goals post-graduation!

Bo McIlvoy is an Engagement Specialist who joined the ISOK team in 2020.

Megan Moser serves as one of the Engagement Specialists at ISOK. She graduated from OBU in May of 2014 with a bachelor's in Psychology: Pre-Counseling. She has worked at ISOK/OVCA since the fall of 2014 in various roles (Advisor, Community Family Advisor, and now Engagement Specialist). She loves seeing students and families overcome the challenges of life in order to reach goals and find success!

Alexandra Orton is a school counselor who joined the ISOK team in 2020 after working as a high school counselor in eastern Oklahoma. She has spent 10 years working in the mental health field as a counselor before transitioning into the education field. 

Shereta Sweet is an Engagement Specialist who has been with ISOK since 2018 after 2 previous years of experience in Education. She has a double bachelor's in Human Services and Early Childhood Education. Previously, she owned a Child Development Center, worked for Oklahoma Child Protective Services, and taught Pre-K for two years.

Rachel Thomas is the certified school psychologist for OVCA and ISOK.  She joined in 2017.  She has over 11 years’ experience working as a school psychologist.  She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She obtained her Ed.S., M.S., and B.S. degrees from Oklahoma State University.